doTERRA ON Guard, is their most popular and versatile system. It contains many products for a safe and healthy lifestyle change in your home. The protective blend softgels are taken internally to support your immune system and protect against those environmental threats. We use this every day to keep us protected from every health challenge we face.  The oral products, paste and mouth rinse, protect against plaque and clean your teeth. They are a must in every bathroom. Check your current toothpaste and check out the warnings… You will be shocked that you can not swallow it. 

There is also a wonderful mist and foaming hand wash that is a safe and natural way to sanitize. Carry the hand mist and share with others the pleasant aroma and that does not contain any alcohol . Don’t forget about the concentrate for cleaning every surface in the house. Mix it with water for every service, even takes stains out of carpet.

The highly effective laundry detergent not only cleans but kills the bacteria that can cause the smell on used towels. Put it to the test, smell your dish rags and towels after they get wet. Use this detergent and witness the difference. This product line has changed our lives. We are removing our toxic load while ensuring promoting a healthy environment for our family. Start today and take back your health with the assistance of these powerful products.