It was about fourteen years ago when my 3 boys were younger, that I started our family’s journey to using natural solutions to benefit our health. I was tired of taking them to the doctor when they were sick and being told “it was just something going around”. Then being directed to use some over the counter medication that had warnings on it. Was this really good for my kiddos? 

Now what should I do? How can I help them sleep through the night? How to help their bodies heal naturally as God has equipped our bodies to do? Well, I started a search and found some good ideas. We found different herb concoctions and essential oils. I did more research on the oils and used different brands to help with the symptoms. We even got some good results. 

It wasn’t until my husband started to have severe digestive problems that I found essential oils could be taken internally. The question now was, what brand? Most oils I looked at said that you could only be used in a diffuser. Then I was introduced to doTERRA. They are Certified Pure and Therapeutic Grade, plus highly tested.

 I discovered they had a cleanse that could help in the natural healing process of my husband’s gut. Six months after the cleanse and no major changes to our diet, he was back! I give all glory to God because He led us to these amazing oils and products.

In our home, essential oils are our first go to when life throws us a curve ball. I pray and then pull out my books, look up protocols, apply consistently until we are satisfied with the  results. If the Lord leads us that we need to seek other medical advice, we head that direction. 

Like traditional medicine, sometimes it takes a bit of time to experience the results and at other times we need to try other oils. Don’t get frustrated if results don’t come immediately. Oils, as well as medicines, don’t cure disease rather they are a natural way of supporting your body in the healing process. If you are on medications, oils can even help them work even better. Amazing right?

One of our favorite oils to use is Lavender! There are so many uses. 

Here are just a few:

  1. Stress and Anxiety: apply 1-2 drops to temples, or diffuse.
  2. Sleep: apply 2 drops to bottom of feet and temples, or diffuse near bedside.
  3. Skin Irritations and Burns: apply 1-2 drops with carrier oil.
  4. Allergies & Hay Fever: put a drop under tongue for 30 seconds, then swallow with water.

I am a wife, mom and educator. I am led by the Lord and have a passion to share and educate others about these amazing oils. I would love to share them with you.