doTERRA emotional aromatherapy kit, is a blend of oils in 5ml bottles that each have unique EOs that have been formulated to target emotional health issues. They are sold separately or as a kit. Starting with my favorite: Cheer the uplifting blend, contains WIld Orange, Cove Nutmeg, Cinnamon bark and others that promote a cheerful attitude while creating a pleasant aroma. I use this nearly every morning to help start the day in a very positive mood. I keep it on my desk for sharing with my coleges.

Motivate, the encouraging blend will help us get out of the rut, and pick up your pants to get going for the day. Peace, the reassuring blend can help us step back and reflect. The Vetiver, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Spearmint and Marjoram can help and restore feelings of peace and contentment. Forgive, Renewing oils can assist us with the  process of moving on and forgetting ill feelings. Spruce, Bergamont, Lemon and Nootka work together to counteract negative emotions. Console, a great one to share with those with  grieving emotions. Consider giving this as a gift during these times. Last but not the least is, Passion, the inspiring blend is one we use to restore feelings of passion and hope. It is used to counteract negative feelings, a must in anyone’s daily routine.  Consider this kit to support  your mixed emotions.