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    Our goal is to empower those who are interested in better health using natural solutions. 

    Together we can!! 

    Sandy & Dale PoCernich

    Dale and Sandy are both Platinum Wellness Advocates with dōTERRA as well as Certified Essential Oil Coaches and Sandy is Aroma Touch Certified. 

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    - All About US-

    I'm Sandy Pocernich and I've been with doTERRA since 2013. My husband and I have been on our natural journey that includes doTERRA. Our reason for getting started began in 2002 when I was in a head-on car accident. After following the western medicine route, which included 9 prescriptions. It was suggested that they prescribe two more because of the side effects. I declined the last two prescriptions and when asked why, I shared that I was going to take my health in my own hands and I chose the natural route. 

    When researching natural solutions for my particular side effect, it suggested Whisper Essential Oil. The is a proprietary blend from doTERRA that helps with hormonal balancing.  Since this discovery, I have weaned myself from all of my prescriptions and over-the-counter medications. I would only recommend that you do this with your healthcare provider. If your current healthcare provider isn't open to other options, you should consider finding someone that will work with you and reaching your goals. No one knows your body's health better than yourself, take charge! 

    I was ready to make some drastic changes despite challenges from my family and friends. In particular my husband, but I knew that when the time was right he'd consider something different. Well, it wasn't long after that he was experiencing a health issue that hadn't been resolved. He asked if I thought I had something that could help, I said no, I know that I have something that will help. Sure enough, I pulled out my Frankincense and Deep Blue Rub to help resolve the condition. 

    Dale has been on board supporting me on my natural journey. Since we have found many opportunities for natural remedies, this has introduced us to a whole community of like minded people. We share our testimonials and education with folks all around the U.S. and Mexico through Zoom classes, social media, face-to-face and holistic healing and wellness fairs. There seems to be no limitations or boundaries to the thousands of folks that now share their success with so many others. I feel strong that I need to pay it forward as our goal is to have a healer in every home.

    This movement that we continue to experience has moved us to a healthier lifestyle and financial security. We're always available and excited to learn about your emotional or physical health needs and discuss a variety of options that may include wholefood & bioavailable supplements or essential oils to name a few. Nutrition is key as the foundation, movement, hydration, sleep, digestion, emotional support, respiratory, removing toxins from your home and lifestyle, pain, weight management, energy, skin care, metabolism and pets are areas that I love to support folks with. 

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you via phone, text or email at 715-832-2775 or with dates and times that work best for you to schedule a one-on-one and begin your natural health journey. 


    Let's connect on Instagram  @yourinstagramhandlehere